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#EndSars: 9 Things You Shouldn’t Do At A Peaceful Protest

Every Monday morning, Zikoko’s new Citizen series “Politics 101” will curate the biggest news stories that made the rounds over the weekend, including the most significant news stories we’re tracking in the new week.

As the #Endsars protests continue into the week, some protesters might be losing focus. We’ve heard reports of [some] bad behaviour among protesters. We the good people at Zikoko thought it right to remind us all of the dos and don’ts of a peaceful protest.

Let’s begin:

1) No alcohol.

Alcohol and good behaviour rarely go well. It’s important not to give the government the ammunition they need to end the protest.

2) No stimulants or drugs.

These people are the reason why we protest and we must never forget:

3) No games.

We should avoid anything that makes our protest look indulgent or unserious.

4) No carnival/parties.

Again, please.

5) No sexual harassment.

Of both men and women. Especially of women! Keep your hands to yourself and focus on #Endsars.

6) No bullying.

If people don’t subscribe to your belief, leave them alone and focus on the goal which is #Endsars. People SHOULD not be attacked for their sexual orientation or beliefs. Leave them alone and let’s focus on ending Sars.

7) Please, no violence.

Do not damage government property in the heat of the moment. If you see anyone inciting violence, call someone’s attention. Remember, this is a peaceful protest.

8) No spraying of money or display of wealth.

There’s a crowd and we should try to prevent anything that can result in a stampede.

9) No stealing.


We hope you’ve learned a thing or two about how to unfuck yourself when the Nigerian government moves ma Check back every weekday by 10am for more Zikoko Citizen explainers.

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