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10 Things Only People Who Can’t Keep A Relationship Will Understand

This is a short story, and if you’re someone who gets bored with people and relationship and can’t keep them for long, you will find this to be very familiar.

1. It starts with the fun times when you couldn’t go a day without talking to them

This is fun. We are having so much fun.

2. It starts getting boring but you still make an effort

This used to be a fun thing to do. Maybe it’s a phase.

3. Now, you promise to call or text them every time, but you know that you won’t

I will call you, I swear. When the sun rises in the west, sets in the east. When the seas go dry. When the mountains blow in the wind like leaves.

4. When they call you and you immediately throw in the “you forgot me” line before they do

Is this how you used to do? Just forget people like that.

5. When you run into them and find a cover before they see you

A wise man once said: “O fe ka mi o. Mo ya look away.”

6. But sometimes you couldn’t duck fast enough and you have to talk to them

Sorry, I’ve not called you. The network is really bad in my area.

7. When you miss them and you want to call but you feel like too much time has passed

It’s too late. They are probably somewhere living their best life. Everyone wins

8. So you do the next best thing

Wow. They are really living their best life. Without me.

9. You, in your feelings when they don’t call or text you anymore

Wow. Human beings are scum.

10. How they treat you when you try to get back into their lives

Where do you think you’re going? If you don’t geddifok

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