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7 Things We Love About Guinness’ Announcement of Prince

On Thursday, Guinness posted a short film featuring Prince of Big Brother Naija. The video was an announcement of Prince as Guinness’ newest ambassador. Just like many people, we thought it was the coolest video so we discussed seven things we love about it.

1. The homage

The video paid homage to the Igbo values of grit and hard work.

2. The setting

The video is set in Imo State and it features a lot of nature and culture of the beautiful and green eastern state.

3. The music

It featured music from the Igbo folk band, The Cavemen. The music is very catchy and you’ll be very tempted to break into spontaneous cultural dance.

4. The food 

The video featured a lot of shots of food which brought out the foodie in us. The shots of nkwobi and isi ewu, best enjoyed with a cold bottle of Guinness, had me drooling.

5. The vibe

In general, the video just had a really solid and earthy vibe. The music, the food, the location and the subject, Prince, all come together to make a great video that depicts the essence of Guinness.

6. The celebration of Igbo culture

The video features plenty of Igbo culture and tradition, from the food, adages, people and their ideas about royalty.

7. The sheer audacity

Everything about this video is audacious, but what could be more audacious than Prince’s immaculate throne set right in the middle of the market square?

Watch the amazing short film here.

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