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Memes That Were Made For Nigerian Women

Have you ever seen some memes that immediately remind you of something or someone? Well, these memes were basically made for Nigerian women.

1) Expressing love

Imagine thinking Nigerian woman will be caught expressing love. What next? Flying pigs???

The look of utter shock and disgust. My God.

2) Enjoying evil

Nigerian women enjoy wickedness, especially when they are the cause. If a Nigerian woman tells you the opposite, shout “fake news”

God safe us

3) Turning up in the club with your friends

When you go to a party your friends dragged or blackmailed you to attend, well this is one of these memes that describes that mood.

4) Periods

When your period is a month late, and you are beginning to remember the child of whom you are. Father, let it not be what we think.

And when the period finally comes, the pain makes you want to kill yourself.

5) Self love

When you are feeling down and you need to remind yourself that you are the baddest to ever do it, remember that you are magic

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6) Enjoyment

You did not come to this world to suffer, so why will anyone stress you? If they want to, send them this meme. Enjoyment is surrounding you.

7) Women’s rights

You carry that matter on your head like the market you are selling. As you should.

8) Returning to your ex

Even when all the girls in the group chat have said you should let him be????

Then he messes up and you realise the girls were right AGAIN.

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