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7 Buhari Campaign Videos That Will Vex You

President Muhammadu Buhari rode to office on the major campaign promise that his administration will put a final end to the Boko Haram insurgency. However, on Sunday, November 9th 2020, many Nigerians woke up to the news that suspected Boko Haram insurgents had killed more than 43 rice farmers in Garin Kwashebe, a rice farming community in Borno State, Nigeria.

If anything, Nigerians are tired and want to see a fulfilment of those campaign promises, even after the presidency and many other political leaders have issued a plethora of statements condemning the brazen murder.

In this article, we curated 7 of President Buhari’s campaign promises about fighting Boko Haram and wonder why none of it has been fulfilled. Truly, men lie, politicians lie a lot, but men who are politicians are better liars than Lucifer.

1. #CrushBH

It’s the fist that became a thumb for me.

2. “Allow Me Prove To You”

“My lord, please may I? If I may, my lord”.

3. “The Biggest Sponsor of Boko Haram Is The Federal Government Itself”


4. “Shall We Continue In This Situation?”


Me: Dear Google, are we still continuing in that situation?

5. “I Will Not Allow Problems To Irresponsibly Fester”

Omo x 1 billion zillion

6. “How Can We Allow The Cowards of Boko Haram To Take Over Any Part of This Country?”


7. This Is The Real Video Vexing Me!

…and who owns that baritone voice used in the voice over?! Draft him to Borno State, now!

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