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5 Certain Signs That You Should Totally Do Money Rituals

In the last episode of So You Don’t Have To, Astor almost accidentally sacrificed his destiny for a few million bucks. The jazz dude also promised to end his life if he “used him to play” so we’re patiently waiting to hear Astor’s final coughs. I wondered what drove people to do jazz for money, and like MMM, I figured that there were truly some situations that could make you want to receive money from the spirits of the underworld. Here are five situations where you might consider doing money rituals.

1. When you’re broke as hell

Ever been so broke that you began to doubt your own existence? At this point, it is clear that there’s only one option left for you: money rituals.

2. When you have a sibling you’re no longer using

Your siblings are annoying as fuck? You’re not the first. Why not put that sibling to good use and use them to make a few million bucks?

3. When Valentine’s day is coming

You want to do Valentine’s package for your partner but your account balance can’t even buy singlet and boxers? Do money ritual and buy that king one small Mercedes for him to be managing.

4. When rent is due

And your landlord/landlady doesn’t want to collect knacks as payment anymore. Do rituals. 

5. When your salary finishes at the beginning of the month

And you’ve even started spending the next month’s salary in your head? You have no choice but to do rituals. The only other option is to eat breeze for dinner.

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