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5 Nigerian Women Share Their Funniest Waxing Experience

Sometimes, when things do not go according to plan it leads to very funny moments. These five Nigerian women share their funniest waxing experiences.

Jay, 26

I had never gotten waxed until Christmas of 2020. I got an early Christmas present to go for full body wax and scrub and I was really looking forward to it. When it started, I was screaming my lungs out and crying like a baby. At some point, I told the woman to leave me. I told her that I will go home and finish up with a shaving stick. I was crying and wailing and they were all laughing at me. When she started waxing my vagina, I was dripping wet. She will clean me up, start to wax again and I’ll start getting wet again. She looked at me like I was a psycho who enjoyed torture. Indeed my vagina has a mind of her own because why on earth is she getting wet and dripping all over the place while getting waxed?


I have been waxing my legs for quite a bit and while it was painful, it wasn’t something I couldn’t bear. One day, my waxing lady tried to convince me to do a Brazilian. I was very hesitant because I heard it was painful, but I had a friend at the time who had done it and she said it wasn’t that bad. I agreed.

The waxing lady got the wax, placed it on a small section of my mound and said she will rip it at the count of 3. I held my breath and this lady ripped the wax off at the count of 2. My brain was ringing alarm bells. I couldn’t see because everything went black and then red. I screamed, kicked the lady off, jumped out of the bed, carried the leftover wax on me and ran out. The waxing lady ran after me to come finish up. I refused. When I got to the reception, I wore my clothes and used coconut oil to remove the remaining wax when I got home. I carried uneven pubic hair for a while till it grew out. Never never again.

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Annabelle, 20

I have low pain threshold, so I could feel my hairs departing from my body with every rip. I tried powering through until one time she ripped the wax paper off and I let out a loud fart. She almost cried and I am so glad she did not slap me because I had been frustrating her. Each time she put the strip, I would have held her hand.

Bimpe, 26

So, it was my first time getting a wax and all I knew to expect was the pain. However, I did not expect that much pain. She ripped the first strip and I screamed so hard, I peed. Maybe that is one of the reasons they wear gloves because people like me do not have as much control over our bodily fluids as we think. She cleaned me up and I apologised till the wax was over. I left her a seven thousand naira tip because I was so embarrassed.

Ruth, 23

I never had a wax until last year because I was always scared of getting wet while being waxed. My friends kept telling me that I was being overdramatic, but I knew my body. While she was applying the wax, I could feel the towel under me get wet. She ripped the wax and I came. I screamed and the towel got even wetter. The woman waxing me just cleaned me up, changed the towel and continued waxing. I was so ashamed of myself. My greatest fear just happened, and it even added jara.

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