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New Cannabis Products: Caliva Pax Era Vapes, Patches Designed For Women, And A Curated CBD Subscription Box

As the cannabis market expands, it’s hard to keep track of the many products that launch every week. Benzinga put together a short list of some of the most interesting new cannabis products.

Caliva Pax Era Vapes

Caliva released its Caliva Pax Era Vapes, offering consumers trusted vape products in accessible Pax Era devices. Caliva Pax Era Vape Pods are available in six different strains and two vaping options.

“We are excited to debut our Caliva Pax Era Vapes and be able to offer our consumers the Caliva Classic and Fresh Flower Vape product lines on both Pax Era and Era Pro batteries! As we continue to build Caliva to be the most trusted name in cannabis, we are thrilled to expand our products in partnership with Pax, another brand that consumers trust,” Steve Winchell, vice president of product innovation at Caliva told Benzinga. “We noticed that ‘Pax’ was a top-searched term on, so we took this as an opportunity to meet our consumer’s needs based on what they are searching for. Consumers now have the choice of our Caliva vapes on either the Pax Era system or in the universal 510 format.”

Fleur Marché’s Transdermal Wellness Patches 

Fleur Marché introduced its first in-house product line. The line of Transdermal Wellness Patches is designed for women to tackle their everyday needs that revolve around sex, sleep, relief, and energy.

These conveniently-packaged, pre-dosed patches are made with clean, plant-based ingredients such as USDA-Organic Certified cannabidiol, and hemp, to deliver focused and consistent results.

“After 2 years of reviewing what feels like every CBD product out there, we talked to our customers about why they’re using CBD and what they still need more of in terms of product and functionality. Ultimately, we thought of a way to better integrate CBD into mainstream wellness and beauty as a value-add ingredient rather than some kind of mystical silver bullet,” Ashley Lewis, co-founder and CEO of Fleur Marché, told Benzinga. “We decided on patches because customers kept coming to us with questions about how to properly dose, best practices for using CBD products, and when they should be using them. Our single-use, pre-dosed patches – which are specifically formulated for specific need states – take all of the guesswork out of CBD and let you go on with your day (or night) feeling good.”

Cure Crate’s CBD Subscription Box

Cure Crate launched its CBD subscription box.

The process begins with a quiz of clients’ wellness needs, preferences, and level of experience with CBD, and is followed by feedback quizzes on every product they receive. Cure Crate then feeds this back into its proprietary business logic algorithm to improve customers’ experience each month. 

“We saw a CBD industry that featured an ever-increasing number of brands and products but that was struggling to educate customers – and by extension, people weren’t finding the right products for them or fully experiencing what CBD can do for their health, wellness, and mindset,” Sean Wynn, CEO and co-founder of Cure Crate, told Benzinga.

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