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10 Things To Be Prepared For When Planning A Wedding In Nigeria

Weddings are a big deal in this part of the world and everyone looks forward to having a perfect day. Here are a few things to know before planning your perfect day.

1.Your parent’s friends will outnumber yours.

Nigerian parents know the whole world. No matter what you say to them, Nigerian parents will still invite the uncles and aunties you’ve never met before. Just give them that day for your peace of mind.

2.Your caterer can move mad and carry your food to another event center.

I didn’t make this up, I’ve seen it happen.

3.Your tailor can mess up a day to the wedding.

No one can be trusted in Nigeria especially tailors e.g. Make sure you threaten your tailor with police so they know you are not joking.

4.The event center can turn off the gen while you are dancing.

You’ll be doing gbese and the next thing you’ll know is the gen has gone off. Even if it means bringing your own gen from home, just be one step ahead. 

5. Your bridal train will definitely get stuck in traffic.

Especially in Lagos. Just arrange jets to transport you and your bridesmaids to the venue. Or better still, have someone who can control brooms as part of your bridesmaids.

6. Your partner’s other family can show up unannounced.

His wife may show up at the venue unannounced. Just go on with the wedding and attend to her when the party’s over.

7. Your partner sef might not show up.

If you are getting married to a Yoruba man, we can’t assure you that he’ll show up. Not that he doesn’t want to marry you, it’s possible he forgot.

8.The caterer will definitely steal your food.

Also, not making this up, I’ve seen it happen. The caterer can steal your food and lie that food didn’t go round. Make sure you have a small cooler of food for yourself.

9.You can even oversleep and end up forgetting your wedding.

People who love sleep more than anything know this isn’t impossible. The stress of this country can make you oversleep sef.

10.You can decide to not get married again.

It’s on your wedding day you’ll realize all the things you don’t like about your partner. God forbid this one happens to you sha. 

When planning weddings, anything can happen, just make sure you stay one step ahead. 

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