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13 Easy Ways To Recognise People Who Need Deliverance

Deliverance is important oh, especially to those of you who are manifesting any of these signs listed here. You may think all is well with you, but if you do at least 7 things on this list, all is not well.

You need serious deliverance.

1. They cook because of hunger, but when they finish cooking, they are too full to eat out of it.

We know it’s not you, it’s something else. And that’s why you need deliverance.

2. They wake up in the midnight and start washing their bathroom and toilet.

Don’t hide, we see you.

3. They want people to visit them but never want to leave their own house.

Shebi you sef can see that something is wrong with you.

4. They can be in a WhatsApp group chat for months and not say anything.

And they won’t feel bad about it. SMH. You better kneel and let’s pray for you.

5. They enjoy staying in the dark.

Dark curtains, lights off, everywhere black. My dear, remove yourself from that darkness with immediate alacrity.

6. They offer to cook people but won’t cook for themselves when they are hungry.


Did you come to this life to be a cook? You need deliverance oh.

7. They prefer series to movies.

This one needs no argument. You are definitely possessed.

8. They can eat one thing consistently for a week.

All you people that say, “So-so is my best food, I can eat it forever.” Let us tell you, it is a severe deliverance that will separate you from that food.

9. They do laundry at night.

Hm, answer and tell us if this does not show that you need intervention.

10. They can stay in a house for months without people knowing.

How is it doing you? Omo, seek help oh.

11. They eat avocados.

You want to hear the truth? Avocado was the forbidden fruit that pursued Adam and Eve out of the garden of Eden.

12. They sleep with the lights on.

We been knew. Ogbanje.

13. They live in Lagos.

You think people living in Lagos are not in need of deliverance? They do oh. Imagine living in a city that wants to run you mad. God abeg. You better go for deliverance.

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