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TOP 10 Personal Trainers in Texas Who Can Elevate Your Health In 2021

NEW YORK, April 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Holding yourself accountable with your fitness is more important than ever in this day and age. The ever-evolving industry is constantly introducing new trends, strategies and methods to increase our health, fitness and wellness.

According to Building Your Authority, finding the right trainer for you is incredibly important in such a saturated industry. So they have compiled a list for people in the great state of Texas to find the best trainers available. These trainers are leaders in their industry, keeping up with all the latest trends in all aspects of healthy living. From in person training, online training, meal planning and body recovery; Identifying true experts that standout among the crowd can be difficult. To make things easier to navigate we have formulated this list:

1.        David Zabinski (@david_zabinski)

Meet David Zabinski (, our number one choice for Top Trainers in Texas. With over 12,000 sessions served in his career, David has unmatched experience. Starting at 19 years old he’s worked with a wide variety of clientele, from guiding beginners to lose over 100 lbs to helping Ultra-Marathon runners and professional golfers maintain strength and flexibility. Before training exclusively out of his private facility, David started his career in corporate fitness. His first two consecutive years at Equinox he was recognized in the “Top 50 Trainers” and also led his peers in their education as a Master Instructor.

Currently located in the Heights of Houston, Texas, David has outfitted his garage with top of the line equipment. Ranging from kettlebells, gymnastic rings, to barbells, and indian clubs David focuses on Strength, Movement, and Longevity to give the highest quality one on one training experience.

2.         Steven Fritsch (@sffritsch)

Steven Fritsch is the Senior Coach at Central Athlete, a personalized fitness facility in Austin, Texas going against the grain of traditional personal training. Far beyond 1-on-1 training sessions, Steven offers world class personalized exercise programs, nutrition plans, and lifestyle coaching. This holistic approach goes above and beyond traditional personal training by tailoring exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle prescriptions to fit the client where they currently are, systematically moving them toward their goals through the use of technology, data driven methods and monthly consultations. Since 2015, Steven and the Central Athlete team have been on the frontline of revolutionizing the fitness industry by putting the client experience first. With both in person and remote services, Steven and the Central Athlete team are raising the bar in the world of health and fitness by offering a custom, individualized experience like no other.

3.        Chandler Noll (@chandlermarieeee)

Chandler Noll is a lifestyle and competitive posing coach with Hybralete Fitness – an online fitness company designed to individualize the health and wellness needs of athletes across the world. Chandler and her team specialize in holistically guiding clients to transform physically through nutritional health and resistance training, while supporting clients to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well. She has worked with clients through 50+lbs weight loss journeys, competitive prep, reversing damaging hormonal imbalances and simple lifestyle changes all with the same mindset: to provide honest 24/7 communication and accountability to her clients with grace in mind — something that sets her apart from other coaches in the industry. Chandler’s faith plays a large role in her coaching career, which has created a family-like unification within her team and staff. Accountability, science-based practices, and kindness are Chandler’s proven foundation for client’s success working with Team Hybralete.

4.        Brandy Garcia (@trainerb_fitnesspage)

Brandy Gracia MS, CPT, is the owner and head trainer of B-Fit Performance Training — providing an environment that allows clients to work with an educated and experienced certified trainer to enhance their health, fitness and/or performance levels. Brandy has had the opportunity of not only working with semi and professional athletes, but with a broad range of individuals in her community. With the use of her Masters level education, Brandy uses a programming system that is individually tailored to each client’s body composition, health status and needs. For the past six years Brandy has been helping individuals who are overwhelmed and unsure of where or how to begin their fitness journey, become confident in themselves and their abilities to change their bodies and mind. Contact her via Instagram or email for more information!

5.         Melanie Lewis (@inspiredbymel)

Melanie Lewis, founder of Inspire Fitness LLC, is known in the fitness industry for her motivation and inspiring attitude, along with her extensive knowledge of all aspects of fitness. Over the past 25 years she has made a positive impact on thousands of individuals, helping clients achieve their fitness goals through tested and proven methods.

Melanie sees an athlete in all of her clients, taking each and every one under her wing educating, instructing and motivating them to achieve their greatest potential both physically and mentally. Melanie offers individual and small group personal training both online and in person, onlineprogram design and “The Inspired Trainer” business development for the distinguished personal trainer. Melanie is looking forward to expanding Inspire Fitness. With her growing team of experienced trainers, inspire will be able to help more people reach their ultimate fitness goals. If you are ready to achieve fitness success and to be Inspired by Mel, join her free Facebook group here.

6.         Darius Williams (

Darius Williams mission is to help you reach fitness goals that you never thought you could achieve. Stating “Together we can develop a healthy lifestyle and become our best version of ourselves. Progression equals success, but success doesn’t mean you’re finished.” He has been a trainer for over 7 years, with many different backgrounds such as kickboxing, bodybuilding, strength, conditioning and group exercise. Darius’s specialty is weight loss and he is progressively learning more, trying different avenues in the health and wellness area. Being NASM and PTA global certified, he holds himself to the highest standard of personal training. Throughout his career he has helped clients deal with various kinds of issues including anxiety, back pain, bone/joint injuries, depression, diabetes, headaches/migraines, hip pain, hypertension, knee pain and limited mobility.

7.        Kelly Lochte (@fitathleticss)

Kelly Lochte is the founder of Faith Inspired Training LLC. Faith inspired training, (FIT Athletics) is a personal training company that focuses on internal & external transformation. With the purpose to instill long term changes through consistent actions; in home, sport specific, and virtual training are just a few of the services offered. With an Exercise Science degree, double collegiate athleticism, semiprofessional soccer experience, and 4 years of personal training, Kelly is inherently qualified to train any client. Working with cancer survivors, professional athletes, postpartum moms, kids, and young adults, FIT Athletics has had a wide array of clientele. Kelly’s vision is to transform people to become better versions of themselves not just for thirty days, but for the rest of their lives. She can be found on Instagram with healthy meals, tips, and workouts or if you are looking to elevate your fitness journey, check out to get in contact for a personalized program.

8.        Cassie Simon (@cleighann)

Cassie Simon is a dual certified Personal Trainer who helps build strength and confidence. As the founder of C.Leighann Fitness (see-lee-ann) she has helped dozens of people by providing online, 1 on 1 and group training. Her in Person training takes place out of a local gym called Heavy Metal Fitness. Before she became the lead trainer here, she first interned there to receive her Level 2 CPT Certification. It was after her internship hours were over that the gym offered her a position, one she gladly accepted! Heavy Metal Fitness has been deemed the Strongest Gym in Texas and that doesn’t stop at her training. Teaching people how to squat, bench and deadlift is something she prides herself in doing.

For her online training, she handles it all through her app. Weekly check-ins, workouts and direct access to her for any support is provided. The app comes with foolproof workout programming and instructional videos. The weekly check-ins are implemented for accountability and emotional support. Group training is held out of Heavy Metal Fitness HMFit Camp. Classes are Monday/Wednesday @ 6:45 pm and Saturdays at 9am. All levels are welcome! If you or someone you may know is interested in her services, please visit

9.        Crista Ramos (@cristaramos)

Crista Ramos is the founder of Legacy Functional Performance and Head of Strength and Conditioning for Lutheran High North Athletics (@lhnhoustonathletics). Coach Ramos works with women and athletes to improve strength and performance, movement quality, and live an overall healthier life. In addition to custom programming and attention to detail Crista strives to serve each person with care and compassion. Crista stated, “Custom training and accolades aside, I care deeply about the person I have the privilege to work with. This is so much more than just Sets and Reps- What I am about is building strength. Weights are just the tools. Strength-that’s the purpose!”

So what is to be expected working with Coach Ramos? You’ll experience intelligent, no-frills strength and conditioning training and movement programming. Coupled with lots of laughs, and support of your journey to optimal athletic performance and health.

10.         Kai Marshall (@fortworthtrainer)

Kai Marshall truly enjoys partnering with his clients to encourage and motivate them to achieve their lifestyle goals. Kai says “No one person is the same” so he creates individualized programs for each and every one of his clients. These programs not only address specific needs and wants but evolve so that clients are always getting the most out of their sessions. It is Kai’s goal to make training fun and effective for everyone, leaving no client unsatisfied. Clients can expect to burn off extra fat, build lean Muscle, Improve Balance/coordination, reduce joint pain and increase flexibility. Kai also has specialized programs to help with maintaining health and posture throughout pregnancy, preventing or mitigating bone loss from osteoporosis, reducing stress and to get a better sleep. Contact him on Instagram for more information!

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