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8 Reasons Why You Should Give Zikoko All Your Money

Whether you’re new to the ZiGeng, or you’ve been rocking with Zikoko since forever, there are some pretty valid reasons why giving us all your money (it’s not as if we like money oh, but who are we to say no if you actually decide to go all in?) is worth considering.

1. We make you laugh

As in, lose-your-home-training kind of laughter. Those ones where you slap your thigh and throw your head back to let it all out. Yeah, we have a PhD in that.

2. Hangouts

You stand a chance of getting invited to an exclusive, virtual monthly hangout with your favourite Zikoko writers. Prepare your Sunday cloth.

3. You are wise

You know money has wings and will still fly away even if you don’t give us. So, you will. Wisdom will not kill you.

4. We work hard to tell stories that matter

Whoever said, “The Devil works hard, but Zikoko works harder” wasn’t capping. We have A1 in working tirelessly to bring you the full scoop on happenings like these.

5. Relatable content

You find the most relatable content on here from January to December e.g. Things That Happen When You Get Stranded On Third Mainland Bridge, and How To Pick Money From The Floor Without Turning To Yam. How cool is that?

6. You love us

Yep, you do. We can see it your eyes, darling. We love you too. Kizzez.

7. Amazing projects

Your support helps bring our amazing ideas and projects like Jollof Road, Corona Facts Africa and EndSARS coverage to life. We can’t do them without you.

8. We deserve to be taken kiaruf

If you want to toast and spoil us silly, just send funds, dear. T for thanks.

Hey, are you ready to help us keep churning out the content you love on Zikoko? Click here to make a one-time or recurring donation now. Also, feel free to use the hashtag Proudly a #ZikokoContributor and tag us @Zikokomag on socials. Thank you!

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