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DeFi Project Zort Releases A Tradeable Smart Token

From a technical point of view, trading cryptocurrencies is easier than ever before. You no longer need to have knowledge in coding in order to access the crypto market and become a successful trader. However, that single word, ‘successful,’ is what makes all the difference.
It is not easy to become successful when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies. Cryptos still suffer from a variety of problems. They have yet to be regulated, they are still considered a small-cap asset, which means that liquidity itself will not be particularly impressive. This can make it hard to obtain or sell coins at the right time, which can be a problem for most investors.
There is also the problem of trading platforms that offer crypto trading right now. If you have experience with traditional finance and some of the many advanced platforms for trading stocks, derivatives, forex, and alike, you might find that crypto platforms are rather simplistic and mostly manual. This could be an issue if you have gotten used to having most of the work done by automated platforms where all you need to do is deposit some money and click a button to have the platform do everything else through AI and advanced trading algorithms.
But, since crypto is striving towards becoming as good as traditional finance platforms, and eventually even better, it is quickly approaching the same level of convenience and functionality. One young but an advanced platform that can offer similar conditions already is Zort
Zort is a rather new but straightforward project. Its main goal is to make trading and investing simple and available to everyone. With the crypto industry being aimed at retail investors, this universal availability is already reached. All that remains is to tackle simplicity, and Zort did it excellently. Best of all, thanks to its token, ZORT; users get a number of advanced benefits.

What You Need To Know About ZORT

As a cryptocurrency, ZORT doesn’t differ too much from other coins, at least at first glance. It allows users to buy it and sell it via decentralized exchanges, and those who choose to hold it might make a profit once the token’s price rises through an investment strategy called HODLing.
However, as mentioned, ZORT does offer several additional advantages. First things first, it allows users to make a profit simply by holding it in their wallets. This is possible thanks to the fact that ZORT has an 8% annual earnings yield. While this is essentially staking, which is already a highly popular activity in DeFi, ZORT is different from others as it doesn’t require you to lock your tokens.
On top of that, ZORT is also useful for getting a 50% discount on trading fees whenever you make a transaction, which will be incredibly useful, since the system is automated, and it will perform many transactions on users’ behalf, whenever there is a good trading opportunity. Thanks to this discount, users will be able to save more money, and the more you save on fees, the more you have for trading and investing.
While there are never any guarantees in the crypto space, typically, coins tend to see a price boost whenever something major happens to them, such as being listed on a major platform, or adding new features, benefits and technologies. With that in mind, ZORT’s price might go up quite soon, as the project has a number of plans, such as adding ETH to ZORT swaps on UniSwap and SushiSwap, listing the token on centralized exchanges such as hit BTC, Binance, and Kraken, adding a number of trading pairs, and more.

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