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Chill Steel Pipes: The Classy Stainless Steel And Ceramic Cannabis Bong Your Life (And Bookshelf) Need

A few weeks ago, a pretty sizable box arrived at my doorstep. It was strange: I hadn’t ordered anything and rarely take product samples.

The tracking info said the package came from Chill Steel Pipes. After taking a look at the company’s Instagram account, I decided to open it and check what was inside. All looked safe and the owners of the brand had even messaged me to give me a heads up on the delivery.

A few smaller boxes inside the bigger package contained parts to assemble two bongs: one in white and wood, one in full platinum.

After a fairly simple assembly process, I had two beautiful bongs in my hands.


The Chill Bong is a stainless steel, double-wall, vacuum-insulated smoking apparatus. The vacuum insulation works like your favorite thermos or travel mug, keeping your ice solid and bong water cold and for up to 12 hours.

While it’s made of steel, Chill has a ceramic interior that makes the smoking experience similar to that provided by a glass piece.

Cleaning is also super easy. Just use ISO: No need for clay cleaners, salt or other abrasive materials.

All About The Modules

The Chill Bong is modular. This makes it easy to unscrew the neckpiece for cleaning, add ice and more. It also allows for the user to combine pieces to come up with their favorite designs.

The indestructible downstem is also modular and holds a standard 14mm bowl piece.

Interestingly enough, the thread design is open source, so the glass community is able to make percolators, glass neckpieces and other attachments that work with the Chill base.

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