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Nathy Peluso & Bizarrap's Multi-Platinum Music Session Hitting 400M Views: 10 Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

By Javier Hasse, via El Planteo.

I’m a nasty girl, fantastic
Este culo es natural o no plastic

The famous phrase that you cannot stop repeating, day and night, has a beautiful story behind it. Here are 10 facts and key numbers from BZRP Music Sessions # 36.

1) Scratching 400 Million

BZRP’s Music Sessions # 36 with Nathy Peluso has become the most listened to in history, with almost 140 million views on Spotify (NYSE:SPOT) and 250 million views on Alphabet Inc (NADAQ: GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s YouTube.

2) Top Of The World

In 2020, just a month after its release, the song ranked #74 on Spotify’s TOP GLOBAL list.

3) Platinum

A few weeks after its release, BZRP’s Music Sessions # 36 with Nathy Peluso reached Gold and Platinum Record status in Spain, and Gold Record status in Argentina.

BZRP Nathy Peluso

4) Global Trend

In addition to being a global trend for weeks On Spotify, the track entered the GLOBAL Top 100, becoming one of the 50 most listened to songs in 12 countries including Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, Spain and Uruguay.

5) Going Viral

It was ranked in the TOP VIRAL list in more than 24 countries including Italy, Portugal, France and Switzerland.

6) Breaking Charts

Within weeks of its release, the song reached the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 Argentina, where it remained for weeks. In 2021, the collaboration is still present among the 100 most listened to songs in the country.

BZRP Nathy Peluso

7) From Spain To Mexico

In Mexico and Spain, the song became an overwhelming success, remaining one of the most listened to songs in both countries for more than 4 months.

8) Shaking YouTube To Its Core

On the YouTube platform, the video of the BZRP Music Sessions # 36 reached almost 250,000,000 views.

9) Time Is Money

On Tik Tok, it reached # 45 in the world. The associated hashtags were used in roughly 37 million videos.

10) The Three-Pointer

Most recently, the Bizarrap-Nathy Peluso duo hit triple platinum status in Spain.

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