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How SolStreet Finance Provides Low-Cost Asset Management To Blockchain-Based Investors

Investors who primarily put their money into traditional market investment vehicles have many management options available at their disposal. But when you step into the world of cryptocurrencies and other digital investments, it’s challenging to find the support you need to ensure you’re making the best portfolio management decisions. That fact might keep individuals and businesses out of the digital marketplace, thereby missing out on opportunities that could beautifully round out their investment portfolios.

SolStreet Finance, with the help of Invictus Capital, unveiled a protocol that will help investors comfortably navigate cryptocurrency investments to combat the seemingly complex cryptocurrency investment world.

Who Is SolStreet Finance?

SolStreet Finance is a noncustodial asset management and investment protocol that takes place on the Solana blockchain. It opens the door to anyone interested in launching a decentralized hedge fund directly to the market, minimizing transaction fees to near-zero costs. Not only that, but the protocol gives all investors, big and small, the trading strategies and knowledge tools they need to achieve success.

In addition, the protocol allows investors to invest in other managers’ funds on the blockchain instead of making their own. That relieves the pressure from unsure digital investors to create their own crypto fund portfolio and allows them to depend on the possible expertise of others.

Solana Blockchain Details And SolStreet Excitement

The Solana blockchain is a network that concentrates on transaction speed and high performance. It uses a special way of sequencing transactions that give that particular blockchain unmatched speed that is secure and resistant to censorship. That makes the Solana blockchain the advantage of scalability. And since the SolStreet protocol aims to reach every interested investor, Solana is the perfect blockchain to use for its system.

To give early users access to the SolStreet protocol, they will be hitting the Solana devnet via a series of competitions. Both individual investors and fund managers can participate in the competitions for a chance to win rewards for the top 500 performers.

Low-Cost Asset Management Means More Growth

The interest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) and other digital assets point to an investment future that includes the digital space. To that end, there must be a place where investors can manage their cryptocurrency holdings similar to managed funds in the traditional marketplace. And bringing that power to all investors, no matter the size of their portfolio, is a smart first step to introducing new people and businesses to workings on the blockchain.

Systems like the SolStreet protocol give all investors access to another tool to build future wealth by incorporating a wide selection of investment types. And, adding a competition aspect to the SolStreet protocol could bring the excitement and interest people need to step out of their comfort zones and into possibility.

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