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7 BBNaija Housemates That Would Make The Guinness Neon Saturday Night Party Interesting

This year’s BBNaija brought in a number of interesting housemates. But after watching them party, we can boldly say that these 7 housemates are the actual life of the party.

1. Liquorose.

Say what you want, but you cannot deny the pure fun Liquorose brings to every Saturday Night Party. She’s always so excited that her excitement rubs off on the other housemates and the viewers too. We can’t help but stan.

2. Angel.

Angel might be reserved, even in her dances, but it is that reservation that makes her a fan favourite. And we love to see it.

3. Cross.

If there is an award for “Vibes Master of the Season”, Cross deserves it. The moment he steps on the dancefloor, everything changes. And this is just what we want. Vibes on vibes, a freaking dynamite!

4. WhiteMoney

The same way WhiteMoney can cook anything is the same way he can dance anything. He might come to the dance floor looking gentle and sipping his Guinness. But when he gets in the groove, even Liquorose knows she has an active dance competitor.

5. Queen

When the music comes on, Queen is something else entirely. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks, she simply lets loose and enjoys herself. And this is what we need. Someone who can listen to the music and let the beat dictate their rhythm.

6 & 7. Saga & Nini

Yes, Saga and Nini do love nwatintin more than they actually dance, but it’s part of the things that make every Saturday Night Party interesting. We like the couple vibes they are serving, and even if it’s not what we exactly want, we will take it like that.

Honourable Mention: Saskay

BBNaija 2021 Photos: Housemates Rocked Lovely Native Prints for Last Party  Night | CELEBRITY PROFILE

Saskay is a queen in her own right. That beautiful black skin? That face? All of this combined with the way she moves her body to the beat. Chei.

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