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EXCLUSIVE: NanoViricides Beefs Up Its COVID-19 Pipeline With TheraCour Licensing Pact

  • NanoViricides Inc (NYSE: NNVC) has in-licensed oral antiviral candidates targeting COVID-19 and variants from TheraCour Pharma Inc. The Company executed a license agreement on September 8.
  • Under the Agreement, the discovery of ligands and polymer materials, formulations, chemistry & chemical characterization, and process development and related work will be performed by TheraCour.
  • NanoViricides is currently working on two preclinical COVID-19 lead drug candidates, NV-CoV-2- and NV-CoV-2-R.
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  • NanoViricides’ anti-COVID drugs are based on polymeric micelle nanomedicine technologies developed by TheraCour and its affiliate AllExcel Inc.
  • The inventors have filed patent applications for NV-CoV-2 & NV-CoV-2-R. Its nominal expiry date would be 20 years after filing and, if issued, i.e., June 24, 2041, and could be extended in certain countries into 2043.
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  • NanoViricides will not make any upfront cash payments to TheraCour.
  • But milestone payments will include 700,000 Series A Convertible Preferred Stock shares and cash payments of $4 million.
  • In addition, the Company agreed to pay to TheraCour 15% of net sales of licensed products.
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  • Price Action: NNVC stock closed 3.30% higher at $4.07 on Monday.

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