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Immediate Solutions Initiative: Building A Better World With $Share Coin

There’s no denying that cryptocurrency has the potential to change the world. The monumental success of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (NASDAQ:BTC) and Ethereum (NASDAQ:ETH) have thrust crypto into the global spotlight. This has led many philanthropic investors to wonder: how can we utilize this exciting new technology to build a better world?

Immediate Solutions Initiative is an innovative non-profit developing blockchain technology to harness human, social, and crypto capital to promote human development and improve the quality of life across the world.

A “non-profit working for non-profits,” Immediate Solutions offers a wide range of services to help philanthropists conduct aid distribution projects with greater efficiency and transparency than ever before. Their team surveyed the market and found themselves disappointed in every platform currently available to them. So, they endeavored to create a unique, never-before-seen solution. Where existing services attempted to tackle only a single issue at a time, the ISI team is building a secure, functional, and easy-to-use product based on private blockchain technology. This will include simple cryptocurrency payment integration and even a digital arbitration system.

ISI wants to see the world radically change for the better. Achieving this goal will create a world that is more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous. In order to get there, investors must adapt their strategies to deliver not only financial results but positive social and environmental outcomes as well.

How Blockchain Is Transforming Humanitarian Aid

Blockchain technology can bring about a revolution in the humanitarian aid sector, particularly in aid distribution. In humanitarian response, blockchain can be used for information management, coordination of aid delivery, management of crowdfunding, tracking supply chains, cash-transfer programming, and boosting humanitarian financing.

The technology can provide innovative solutions for existing challenges in humanitarian assistance, such as issues of transparency and accountability. Blockchain also allows organizations to gather large quantities of data about vulnerable populations by using the distributed database component. To maintain the data privacy of these populations, organizations can use private blockchain, which will only allow certain networks to access the data.

What Is $Share Coin?

$Share Coin, or Strategic Humanitarian Aid REsponse Coin, was created to support human development in a multitude of ways. S.H.A.R.E is an ETH Layer 2 and Binance Smart Chain blockchain-based token. It is also a humanitarian aid assistance platform and a universal multipurpose utility token. The $Share Coin Foundation initially designed it to combat geo-political corruption with humanitarian aid assistance and hedge against economic instability during times of crisis. It is also a component of the United Nations SDG Impact Fund.

The $Share Coin Foundation manages and monitors the flow of transactions in token distribution projects maintaining end-to-end transparency for humanitarian agencies who need a more efficient, transparent, and cost-effective way to distribute cash or goods during an emergency response. Their new platform (currently in development) will provide and facilitate a wide array of services, from verifiable and easy-access digital KYC identity documents (such as online vaccine passports) to dynamic supply chains; from donor financing to virtual business development; and from non-profit fundraising programs to crowdfunding and microfinancing via smart contracts and community dApp projects. The $Share Coin Foundation, which is a Decentralized Autonomous Foundation (DAF), donated $2.5 million in $Share Coin cryptocurrency to the United Nations through the SDG Impact Fund. The UN created a wallet and accepted it! Founder Ronald Khan is particularly proud of this accomplishment. “This is proof that the United Nations already considers $Share Coin to be an asset! It’s great to see that $Share Coin has the capacity to create real change in the world,” says Khan.
The ShareSuite platform includes an online dashboard, a digital wallet, a vendor dApp, a QR code/SMS-based token redemption process for beneficiaries, and over a dozen more dApps. Share’s online dashboard supports aid agencies to onboard local partners or vendors, and to assign relief fund tokens to beneficiaries. The $Share Coin team’s private blockchain products were designed to maximize security, efficiency, and ease of use. Their end goal is to integrate all companies, employees, and business assets into a unified blockchain ecosystem, transforming the business world into one that is truly transparent, productive, and reliable.
ISI is leading the charge in blockchain development for the betterment of humanity. As Khan explains, “The prospect of a completely decentralized internet holds limitless possibilities, and we inch closer to that reality every day.” Blockchain technology represents a momentous opportunity to change lives across the world, and ISI stands committed to exploring every possibility.
Name: Immediate Solutions Initiative

Image by Benjamin Nelan from Pixabay

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