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10 Things You Should Do At least Twice In Your Life

Before you become bent with age and turn to dust, make sure you try more than three things on this list at least twice. Consider it a bucket list of sorts.

1. Eat food directly from the pot

You should try this right now if you haven’t already. It’s sweeter. Oh, you’re welcome.

2. Jump down from a roof

That is, if you don’t break your neck the first time.

3. “Disappoint” your parents

If they’re Nigerian parents, they’ll probably still say you’re a disappointment.

4. Lose your home training

There’s a time and place for home training, but you can lose it and find it later, especially if you live in Lagos. Before they take you fi idiat.

5. Wear your clothes inside out

Normal is boring abeg. Don’t be surprised if some people stop you on the road to check your temperature sha.

6. Shave off your brows

Let the skin breatheeee.

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7. Bathe in the rain

The one you did when you were small doesn’t count. Try it now in this your big age.

8. Eat Amala and bread

Spice up your food life with this combo and thank us later. Elite.

9. Sleep with your enemy

By the time you channel all the hate you feel into thrusts, the knacks will hit different. Try it.

10. That thing you’ve always wanted to do

Don’t lie, you know it in your heart of hearts.

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