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4 Essential Nail Care Tips For Men

Nobody likes a guy with long, grimy fingernails if we’re keeping it a buck. Apart from being an injury hazard to you and everyone around you, you’re keeping a barracks of germs under your fingernails, no matter how often you wash your hands. And please, don’t tell us that your idea of nail care is putting your fingers in your mouth and biting it off, bacteria and all.

If you’re the kind of guy who’s secure in his masculinity and isn’t worried about being considered emasculated, that’s awesome. You can just walk into a nail salon and get your finger and toenails cared for.

But if you’re the type of guy who wouldn’t be caught in a nail salon because it’s a “feminine” space, let’s help your life small. Here are 5 essential nail care tips for men to leave you with attractive hands.

1. Trim your nails with a nail cutter.

Preferably when you just got out of the shower, trim your nails across the topmost part. It’s okay to trim to the point where there’s no white part, but try not to pinch your nailbed with the cutter.

2. Shape with a nail file.

Cutting with a nail cutter might leave the edges sharp, so you should buff the edges of your nail with a file. It gives it a more rounded look, prevents breaks and keeps it blunt.

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3. Push your cuticles back.

Cuticles are the tissues that connect your nails to your skin. Even when your nails are neat and trimmed, rough and overgrown cuticles can still make them look weird. This is usually done at a nail salon but you can do it at home by yourself with a cuticle remover.

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4. Moisturize your hands

When you’re done, rub some hand cream or just regular lotion on your hands to keep them soft.

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And voila. You now have nails and hands that people won’t run away from.

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