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7 Things You’ll Hear From A Nigerian Landlord That Doesn’t Rate You

Not every Nigerian landlord is easy to deal with. If you have an evil landlord — this is a loose term– and you live with them in the same house, there is a possibility that you’ve heard at least one of the following:

1. You can’t use your generator past 7 p.m.

“I love my quiet and since this is my house, you have to love it too. Manage the small heat like that.”

2. If you have friends of a different gender, sorry they can’t visit you

Image result for no visitors sign

“You don’t know who might be a robber or be working for a robber.”

3. You must be at home by 10 p.m.

“Don’t even question me. I’m probably older than your parents.”

4. You’ve paid your rent, great. Now pay for this thing I won’t explain too

“Sometimes, I may need to knock on your door at 4 a.m. to ask for service charge I can’t explain to you.”

5. Fix whatever you need to in the house yourself

“I know I built the house with inferior materials, but the space is yours now. Take care of it so I can rent it out at double the price when you inevitably move out.”

6. I woke up feeling rich today, so I’ve decided to increase the rent

“My house. My rules.”

7. Or you know what, just move out

“You know why? It’s my house.”

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