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$ASTRO Trades At Over 33,000% ROI Within 48h Of IDO & Is Listed On

The past few days have been an absolute rocket ride for AstroSwap’s native token, $ASTRO. Following a highly successful IDO exclusively on ADAPad, the token hit a 21,000% ROI within the first few hours of launch, showing unprecedented interest in the Cardano ecosystem. 

While most tokens would see a steep reversal at that point, $ASTRO kept on going and hit a peak of 50,000% ROI with ease. Although there is a bit of price pushback on the ASTRO pair on PancakeSwap, an earlier dip has been overcome with relative ease, and the token now trades at around $0.33, representing a 33,000% ROI for anyone who invested in the IDO.

The coming hours and days may prove crucial for the trading volume, which sits at a 24hr figure of close to $5m USD, and it will be interesting to see if buyers can continue to hold the line. With more than 18,000 token holders at this time, interest is growing – and there appears to be some strong buy support, which could well result in inching closer to and exceeding that high of $0.50437 again later this week. 

The launch of AstroSwap has been highly anticipated by various cryptocurrency enthusiasts – and as the first DEX on the Cardano ecosystem to partner with a Cardano-dedicated launchpad, ADAPad, AstroSwap has high expectations to live up to. Providing a seamless route for fledgling projects from development, all the way through to trading for projects using the Cardano blockchain is both ambitious and of visionary proportions – however, with industry-leading support, it could well be on the way to being the next moonshot.

To ensure projects and teams get all of the necessary support. AstroSwap benefits from the support of veteran incubator firm, BlueZilla, and by providing extensive marketing and development support have helped incubate an extensive list of launchpads, including BSCPad, ETHPad, TronPad, and VelasPad, amongst others.

Speaking of which, AstroSwap also receives a leg up by way of partnering with WagyuSwap, who also launched in collaboration with BlueZilla, on the ultra-fast Velas Blockchain. WagyuSwap provides the combined knowledge and experience of running a successful DEX on yet another cutting-edge blockchain.

What is interesting to note is the stellar price performance of all projects launched under the BlueZilla banner. More specifically, WagyuSwap’s $WAGYU currently holds a 6,000% ROI. ETHPad’s $ETHPAD maintains an ROI of 17,000%, whereas TronPad sits at 3,852%. AstroSwap’s $ASTRO is an outlier, as it maintains over 33,000% ROI within the first 48 hours of its IDO finishing. 

The listing of $ASTRO on is another significant development, and it is now apparent that centralized exchanges are taking notice of this asset’s popularity. So far, the token has recorded over half a million USD in trading volume by the ASTRO/USDT pair, despite being listed 24 hours ago. The order book shows there is plenty of buy support, which may push the price higher over the coming hours and days. 

The momentum appears to favor AstroSwap right now, and many traders have begun taking notice. No one can predict where this energy will lead, but maintaining a ROI in the 3 figure range should not prove challenging for $ASTRO.

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