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Of Course Microsoft Left a Glaring Typo in Windows 11 Paint

Josh Hendrickson

Even with its fancy Windows 11 redesign, MS Paint feels like Microsoft’s neglected child. Users on the /r/Windows11 forum discovered two glaring mistakes in Windows 11 Paint’s File menu—a typo and a mislabeled button. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s a clear sign that Microsoft didn’t “think through every pixel and detail” while developing its new operating system.

Users who open the File menu in Windows 11 Paint are met with the option to import photos “from scannner or camera.” How did this get past Microsoft’s QA team? If I had to guess, nobody bothered to check the decades-old MS Paint File menu for mistakes! (Either that or one lucky Microsoft employee has a “scannner” at home.)

Upon opening Windows 11's MS Paint file dropdown, users are met with the option to import images from a "scannner."
Josh Hendrickson

And then there’s the “Settings” button, which is really an “About” button. Did someone at Microsoft rename this button without checking what it does? Do they know that MS Paint tucks its settings in the “Image Properties” menu?

While the “scannner” typo is just sort of funny, this mislabeled “About” button could really confuse and frustrate some users. Check it out in the animation below.

Again, these small mistakes aren’t the end of the world. But they’re just the latest example of Windows 11’s sloppy design. Microsoft launched Windows 11 with weird bugs and missing features, and as the company patches its new operating system, it keeps breaking things.

But I guess that’s just how Microsoft does things. To make the company feel less ashamed of itself, I’ve purposefully left a typo in this article. Good luck finding it. 🙂

Source: /u/Talkashie

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