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EXCLUSIVE: Fab 5 Freddy, Bernard Noble Aim To Raise Cannabis Awareness With B Noble Brand: 'I Was A Sacrifice'

Bernard Noble was sentenced to 13 years of hard labor in prison for the equivalent of two joints worth of cannabis. He ended up serving seven years before being released on parole in 2018. 

“I met him as he walked out of prison with my cameras rolling,” visual artist Fred Brathwaite, better known as Fab 5 Freddy, said Friday on Benzinga’s YouTube show “Cannabis Hour.”

Noble was featured in Brathwaite’s 2019 film “Grass is Greener.” Brathwaite and Noble developed a relationship during the filming of “Grass is Greener,” which led to the launch of the pair’s new cannabis brand, B Noble.

B Noble: The B Noble cannabis brand was launched in partnership with Curaleaf Holdings Inc (OTCQX:CURLF) with a focus on social equity. The product consists of two pre-rolled joints, representative of the amount of cannabis that Noble was arrested for possessing. 

“The B Noble brand grew out of what I learned making that movie,” Fab 5 Freddy said. 

B Noble products are available in nine states. The company donates 10% of profits to organizations helping to free people in similar situations to what Noble faced. 

“We can create a brand with some quality cannabis that can raise awareness,” Fab 5 Freddy said.

A QR code on the packaging of the product that allows consumers to dive deeper into Noble’s story.

Noble, who was interviewed alongside Brathwaite, told Benzinga the two developed a friendship when they began working together.

“When he appeared in my life at the darkest time, my life changed from there,” Noble said. 

He expressed gratitude for all he has been able to learn working with Fab 5 Freddy as well as excitement about the opportunity to give back to people who are facing similar situations to the one he had to endure.

“That was my dues to pay to get into this business the way I am,” Noble said. “I was a sacrifice.”

Together, Fab 5 Freddy and Noble created what they said is the first national social equity cannabis brand. The B Noble brand was launched on July 13, representative of the seven years Noble served of his 13-year sentence. 

“I want to be quoted on this: how excited I am to be the face of injustice,” Noble told Benzinga. 

The B Noble brand founders went on to talk about, cannabis history, opportunities with the B Noble brand and more.

See the full interview here:

Photo: dadgrass from Pixabay.

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