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FightCamp's At-Home Boxing Workouts Are Now Available on Android


Since 2018, FightCamp has guided iOS users through at-home boxing and kickboxing workouts with professional-grade equipment. But the company hasn’t reached out to Android users—not until today.

The FightCamp app is now available for Android Devices as an open beta. That means Android users can finally purchase FightCamp equipment, subscribe to the company’s service, and endure over a thousand guided classes, drills, and training sessions to get fit and improve their boxing technique.

A FightCamp membership costs just $39 a month, although you need to buy the company’s equipment to sign up. FightCamp is currently offering its “Personal” package, which includes a punching bag and basic boxing equipment for $1,000. (If you already have a punching bag, you can just buy the punch tracking hardware for $399.)

Bear in mind that FightCamp’s Android app is still in development. It may not run perfectly and is still missing some features, like achievements and “stacked” workouts (multiple workouts in a row).

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