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How to Open the Camera From the Pixel Lock Screen

Justin Duino

Android 12 added a lot of new features to Google Pixel devices, but it also took some away. The camera shortcut that has long been present on the lock screen is gone. So how do you quickly open the Camera?

Thankfully, Android devices feature a few different methods for quickly launching the camera. Google Pixel devices are no different. The lock screen shortcut was handy, but it’s not actually the fastest method. There’s something even better.

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A quick recap: Google Pixel devices with Android 12 have two shortcuts on the lock screen—smart home device controls and the wallet. Previously, those two shortcuts were for the phone and the camera.

Android 12 lock screen

To launch the camera without the lock screen shortcut, simply double-press the power button. The camera will immediately open.

Double press your Android device's power button.
Joe Fedewa

This works from anywhere. That includes the lock screen and when the display isn’t even on. Just double-press the power button and the camera will launch. Easy peasy.

Note: This doesn’t bypass the security on your lock screen. It only opens the camera. You’ll need to properly unlock your Pixel phone to leave the camera.

There: No more worrying about missing a moment because you couldn’t get your camera out fast enough. It’s a little strange that Google would remove this shortcut, but it does make sense with the ability to launch the camera with the power button.

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