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Insta360 Update Makes It Easier to Edit and Transfer Action Cam Footage


Nobody wants to spend all their time fiddling with action cam footage. That’s why the latest includes a new Snap Wizard re-framing tool, plus stabilization improvements for some cameras. Insta360 is also launching a new that lets you quickly transfer tiles from your ONE R and ONE X2 action cams to a phone, computer, or SD card.

Unlike your run-of-the-mill cropping tools, the new Snap Wizard intelligently re-frames videos around a subject. If you did a terrible job pointing your action camera at a skateboarder, for example, you can use Snap Wizard to make your video look more focused, dynamic, and zoomed.

ONE R 4K owners also get a Quick FlowState stabilization mode, which applies Insta360’s stabilization technology to video on the camera instead of in post-processing. This saves users the trouble of exporting video before applying stabilization, which is probably how it should be in the first place! (Quick FloState works for 4K 50fps standard video and loop recording modes.)

And then there’s the , a weird $60 accessory that’s basically an SD Card adapter for your ONE R or ONE X2 action camera. It features USB-C and Lightning connectors to quickly transfer files to a computer, iPhone, iPad, or other device.

To unlock Insta360’s new features, simply update your Insta360 Studio app. You can order the now at Insta360’s webstore.


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