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Principled Technologies Releases Study Comparing AWS SAN in the Cloud Solution to an On-Premises SAN

Principled Technologies (PT) tested an Amazon EC2 r5b.24xlarge instance with two io2 Block Express volumes and an on-premises NVMe-based all-flash SAN solution with a transactional database workload.

Durham, NC November 23, 2021 –(– Before transitioning to a public cloud solution, organizations want to know what kind of performance to expect. For those using on-premises SAN solutions for Microsoft SQL Server OLTP workloads, a new Principled Technologies study may offer some useful data. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a SAN in the Cloud solution comprised of an Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2) r5b.24xlarge instance and Elastic Block Storage (EBS) io2 Block Express volumes. Principled Technologies ran an OLTP workload on the AWS solution and a comparable on-premises SAN solution and compared the transactional database performance and data throughput of the two.

According to the report, while running a synthetic I/O workload, the AWS SAN in the Cloud solution “supported 26 percent more GB per second than the on-premises SAN solution.” In addition, the AWS SAN in the Cloud solution also exceeded the OLTP performance of the on-premises SAN by 3 percent.

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