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This American Marijuana Company Just Expanded To Africa, Backed By Government & Churches

With its sights set on eventual exports to Europe, U.S.-based Honest Marijuana Company is developing new opportunities in Tanzania. 

The company announced on Monday that it had entered into a partnership with a new chain of medical clinics in Tanzania, Your Local Clinic, to set foot in Africa, producing and selling cannabis while creating supply lines to an even more lucrative expansion opportunity: Europe.

The concept is succinctly boiled down to the essentials by Serge Chistov, chief financial partner for Honest Marijuana Company: “A trusted American brand, manufactured for Europeans, in Africa.” 

The Southern African Landscape

Governments in coastal African countries such as Tanzania are watching others, namely Uganda and Kenya, as they set up operations and supply Europe through legal, government-sanctioned channels.

This is a tremendous opportunity for tax revenue, as well as job and industry development that cannot be ignored, says Chistov.

According to Elmira Hadzhykhanova, who developed and launched Your Local Clinic, “The plan received backing from the government and Catholic and Anglican churches: all agreed on the necessity of medical delivery, supply and services. The 25 clinics will cover 60% of the population, providing medical services (specialized), labs, x-rays, with a pharmacy attached. So, Honest Marijuana will have a front line opportunity to work with doctors to make medical marijuana available to their patients, with maximum flexibility and total security for the investment.”

Chistov added, “We can bring a lot to a new operation, from the ground up, because we can share a lot of expertise. We know what mistakes can occur in processing, manufacturing, preserving, and so on, so we also know how to avoid them.”

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