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9 Green Flags To Look Out For In A Partner

Red flags are not the only flag colour that can be found in people. If you want to be sure your partner is good for you, then they should have the following green flags.

1) Dual citizenship

This is a sign that they are not only invested in your children, but also in you. Anyone with dual citizenship is determined to give you options and will take care of you. Be thankful for them.

Imagine this, you are in a house with your lover and you sight a cockroach. Instead of panicking, your partner swiftly deals with the cockroach, leaving you to enjoy in a cockroach free house. Does that not sound like a great life to live? Bonus points if they can also kill flying cockroaches.

3) Minding Business

A partner that knows how to mind their business is a great partner. That way, there’s nobody raining insults on you because your partner said the one that is more than them.

4) How quickly they can off shirt to fight for you

A partner that fights for you, is the perfect one for you. It’s always a good sign if your partner is always ready to off their shirt and fight anyone that fights you.

They are resourceful and understand how important a working generator is. They’re also quite good with their hands.

6) Buys or cooks food

The way to the heart is through the stomach. Someone that takes care of your stomach will take care of your heart. A full belly is a happy heart.

7) Works at Zikoko

They are funny, smart, good looking, and rich. What else would you want? Sure, they might use you for content a few times, but it is just their way of immortalising you.

8) Always listening to your playlists

They understand how much thought you put into making these playlists and they listen and give commentary about things they love about the playlist. This means they value you.

9) Will love you even if you’re a worm

No matter the trials and tribulations, they’d always be there for you and will put up with your rubbish questions.

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