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Chromecast Crashing? Update Now to Solve a Memory Leak Problem.

Justin Duino

A new update for Chromecast with Google TV (firmware QTS1.210311.036) is rolling out today, and it appears to fix the memory leak problems experienced by many users. The Chromecast has suffered from strange memory issues since its launch, leading to sporadic app crashes, overheating, and other annoying problems.

Unfortunately, this update does not include Android TV 12, personal user profiles, or other highly-anticipated features. But if you’ve been dealing with app crashes and other problems related to memory leaks, the new firmware should make your Chromecast a lot less frustrating to use.

Here is the full changelog for this update:

  • Android security patch level updated to October 2021 version.
  • Storage optimization and management improvements:
  • Platform improvements to help some apps with the following:
    • HDR HLG playing instead of converting to HDR10.
    • Dolby Vision playback.
    • DRM Video decoding performance improvements.
  • Additional bug fixes and performance improvements.

Those vague “storage optimization and management improvements” mentioned by Google do two things. First, they fix or improve the Chromecast with Google TV’s memory leak problem. Users report more free storage on their device (and less crashing) without the need to clear cache or uninstall apps.

Additionally, Chromecast users get a new set of cache-clearing and app uninstall tools in the “Storage Options” submenu. These tools should help you quickly clear space on your device in the event of a memory leak or other problem.

Installing the latest Chromecast with Google TV update is pretty easy. Just click your profile picture in the top right corner of the display, select “Settings,” go to “About,” and press “System Update.

Source: RealMiCentral, r/Chromecast

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