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Nest Doorbell Gets Holiday Ringtones, and They're Actually Free This Year


As in previous years, Google is now rolling out five holiday-themed ringtones for Nest Doorbell products. But there are a few key changes this time around—not only are the ringtones totally free, but they’ll actually play indoors over your smart speakers or Nest Hubs.

The new holiday ringtones cover Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and New Year’s. You can hear each ringtone in Google’s official video, which is available below. (There’s also a generic Winter ringtone, but unfortunately, Google didn’t include it in its preview video.)

You can apply a holiday ringtone to your Nest Doorbell through the Google Home app, though you may need to use the Nest app if you own an older model of doorbell (if so, go to Settings – Device Options – Doorbell Themes). Guests will hear the ringtone when they press your doorbell, and for once, Google will actually let you hear your ringtone indoors using the visitor’s announcement feature.

Again, the Nest Doorbell holiday ringtones are totally free this year. They don’t require a Nest Aware subscription, so go ahead and set yours up now. Bear in mind that these holiday chimes will disappear on January 4th.

Source: Google via Android Police

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