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Brianna Marie Foundation – Offering Hope to Unborn Babies and Their Families

Are you aware that you can operate on babies prior to birth and give unborn babies that have been diagnosed with a negative fetal diagnosis a chance to live a normal, healthy lifestyle. Parents Aran and Patrick Hissam started a non-profit called the Brianna Marie Foundation in honor of their daughter that passed away ten years ago from a fetal illness known as fetal hydrops. To date, the organization has raised over $550K and funds research around the world.

Melbourne, FL January 13, 2022 –(– Fetal Surgeries – or surgeries performed on babies prior to birth are lifesaving options for families that receive a negative fetal diagnosis.

Did you know that surgeries could be performed on babies prior to birth? In 2012, the Brianna Marie Foundation was established to raise funding and awareness for the field of fetal medicine (or fetal surgeries). To date, the organization has raised more than $550K. The Brianna Marie Foundation supports facilities around the globe in research, clinical studies, development of new surgical tools, being a support for families that have lost a child, and many other ways to support the needs of families that hear the words, “your child may not survive.”

The founders, Aran and Patrick Hissam decided 10 years ago that they wanted Brianna’s 15 hours on earth to live through the establishment of a Brianna Marie Foundation. They never wanted another family to feel alone when faced with a negative fetal diagnosis and not understand the potential options of reversing a negative diagnosis with a fetal surgery.

The Brianna Marie Foundation has one annual fundraiser each year. In 2022, it will be held on March 5th in Melbourne in Wickham Park at 8AM. It is a 5K run with race management by Running Zone. COVID guidelines and a county approved plan will be enforced to ensure that everyone has a fun, safe morning.

Over the last 10 years, the Brianna Marie Foundation 5K has grown with both their in person and virtual runners/walkers as significant advancements have been made to help babies that need fetal surgeries. It’s a community coming together to support families that have lost a child and celebrate the advancements being made in the field of fetal medicine to give more hope to unborn babies and their families in the future.

“There is a point after you lose a child where you have to stop asking yourself, ‘what if,’ and start questioning, ‘what now?’ What can now be done to help others that experienced what we did with Brianna and how can we offer them hope in the future. That is why the Brianna Marie Foundation was formed. To give hope for families that need it most.” – Aran Hissam

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