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Finsemble, Aiera Partner Up And Establish 'New Status Quo'

Cosaic, the company bringing smart desktop technology to the financial services industry, has partnered with Aiera, industry-leading event access and monitoring platform used by hedge funds, banks, and corporates to gain valuable, real-time insights.

What Happened: Cosaic brings together charting software, ChartIQ, and desktop platform, Finsemble, under one brand. The union of those two businesses promotes application interoperability and scales the creation of effective, action-oriented workflows.

On the other hand, Aiera is an event access and monitoring intelligence platform.

With new plug-and-play interoperability powered by Cosaic’s smart desktop platform, Finsemble, Aiera’s components can now integrate out-of-the-box with other applications on their clients’ desktops.

“Aiera’s offering is incredibly valuable on its own,” says Dan Schleifer, Cosaic CEO and co-founder. “But our partnership shows that their offering is even more valuable when it’s an integral part of meaningful workflows. Aiera has fully implemented FDC3 and validated compatibility with Finsemble, to ensure their components are plug-and-play for their end-users.”

Why It Matters: Smart desktop platforms allow applications to better sync and share data, thus improving the efficiency and fostering of intelligent, automated workflows.

At the heart of this connectivity, according to Cosaic, are FDC3 standards, a common language, and API that applications use to communicate. FDC3 applications can interoperate once installed on desktop agents, like Finsemble, but it can be difficult for application providers to meed FDC3 compliance, given a lack of support and resources.

“For application providers, getting distribution to end-user firms and being integrated into client workflows is key,” says Schleifer. “Supporting FDC3 and validating compatibility with Finsemble—at zero cost to vendors—ensures that their application will work everywhere, across all interop platforms. It’s the new status quo, and Aiera is at the forefront.”

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