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Detroit Edibles Launches Flowerade, A THC-Infused Powder Drink Mix

Detroit Edibles announced the launch of Flowerade, a THC-infused powder drink mix. Starting May 16, Flowerade will be available at adult-use, recreational cannabis stores and medicinal marijuana shops across Michigan. The powder drink mix comes in three flavors – Tropical Punch, Lemon-Lime and Blue Crush and is sold in 100mg packs.

“Flowerade is an innovative and easy-to-use drink mix that allows any adult consumer to experience the benefits of THC in a simple and delicious way,” stated Tim Schuler, president and COO of D&K Ventures, the company that owns Detroit Edibles. “All you do is add Flowerade to your drink to enhance your hydration and experience the lightning-fast effects of the mix.”

To create consumer awareness and excitement for Flowerade, Detroit Edibles will be launching a digital billboard campaign, running digital ads in online publications, and hosting sampling events across Michigan. Detroit Edibles is also creating a series of online videos to educate viewers on proper mixing, usage and consumption. These videos will be shared on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and the company’s website.

“More adults are coming into our recreational stores looking for THC infused drink options,” stated Andrew Akash, chief business officer of Breeze recreational Cannabis shops. “Whether you’re an adult male or female, the low-sugar content, fast-acting nature of the powder and all-inclusive self-dosing method of the mix appeals to just about everyone.”

As the Michigan Cannabis industry continues to boom, Flowerade serves as a product that experienced and new adult consumers can enjoy. Infused by Cannalicious Labs using nano encapsulated THC, Flowerade absorbs directly into the bloodstream for a quicker onset time, making it appealing to experienced adult cannabis consumers. The ability to manage the amount of powder used in a drink makes it easy for newer adult consumers to find the best dose for them.

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