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If You Missed Any of These Jameson Events, Sorry To You

April was a month of back-to-back events and we have Jameson to thank for it. They were everywhere, every weekend. From sponsoring concert festivals and intimate music events to providing signature JSL cocktails at gourmet food and fashion pop-ups. Jameson partnered with multiple platforms and brands to make sure that spaces that aligned with their passion points were covered.

The goal of this month-long campaign was to celebrate the “Alte” culture, which describes a lifestyle of staying true to yourself and not conforming to the rules of the mainstream. 

Here are the events that happened during Alte April: 

Brunch Out with FOMO: 

Is there really anything better than sipping cocktails and eating small chops? The correct answer is no. Jameson teamed up with FOMO Lagos to give us the chance to eat puff and more, and gist with friends. There was whiskey pong, foosball, Jenga, and great music. It was amazing. 

Alte Culture Fest

 Alte Culture Fest was a night of music, fashion, and the freedom of self-expression that the Alte movement is proudly known for. Seeing artists like Wurld, Pretty Boy D-O, Wavy the Creator, Lady Donli, Falana, etc. was the highlight of the night. 


Jameson got us lit over the Easter weekend with the comeback of Homecoming. Asides the never-ending drinks at the bars and the street wear pop-ups, there was also the live music show. There were performances from Central Cee, Arrdee, Black Sherif, Teezee, Rema, BOJ, BNXN, Asake, and Fave.Honestly, if you missed it, we’re truly sorry. 

A Night with Made Kuti

We partied with Made Kuti on the mainland at the legendary African Shrine. Made and his band gave us amazing live music. And Lojay showed up to remind us that once again, his own Monalisa is superior. 

Around the World with the AJs: 

Next, the chef duo — Ajoke and Ajemina — gave us a picnic that we’ll never forget. Through their food, they took us to Japan, Nigeria, America, Jamaica, and Mexico.  The food was so much , people wanted to go back for more, but there was no space in their stomachs. As for drinks, Jameson came through as always with the cocktails. 

Gbagada Express Listening Party

BOJ (one of the founding fathers of the Alte movement) released an album called Gbagada Express, and he invited fans, family, and friends to listen to it. There were two parties, one in Lagos and one at a secret location in Accra. Honestly, with how good the album is, it deserves as many listening events as possible. And Jameson sponsored listening parties are always too much fun. And we’re not just saying that because they bring the drinks.

Arrested by Love Limited Edition Bottle Release:

To celebrate his latest EP, “Arrested by Love,” Jameson globally recognised Teezee by exclusively producing a limited-edition bottle that was designed with his tracklist. (God when). Teezee—a Jameson brand ambassador —also hosted a listening party for this EP launch, and it was lit. 

Photo by @fawazgramz via Instagram

Jameson remains one of the foremost supporters of the Alte movement in Nigeria and is proud of how far some of its creators, such as Teezee, Boj, and the host of many outstanding individuals within the community, have come today.

Indeed, Jameson’s Alte April will go down in the books as a month of pure, alternative vibes! As the movement continues to flourish, Jameson is excited to continue to support the journey. We are counting down till the next experience. Until next year…

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Jameson is a triple distilled Irish Whiskey; matured and bottled in Ireland and is to be enjoyed responsibly by persons over the age of 18 years. 

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