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Should You Store Tomatoes in the Fridge?


The return of warm weather means the return of warm weather produce and, arguably, one of the most popular selections is the tomato. When it comes to keeping them fresh, though, should you be popping your tomatoes in the fridge?

The most basic answer to the question is yes, you can keep tomatoes in the fridge, but the key to that storage method is the fruit’s ripeness.

When you put a tomato in the refrigerator, it effectively suspends the ripening process. This will prolong its life, but if it’s not ripe, when you go to use it, the fruit won’t be ready.

When you buy tomatoes, you should first let them sit on your countertop for a few days until they’re ripe. You’ll know they’re ready to refrigerate when they have a little bit of give to them and emit a fragrance.


Keep cut tomatoes and other produce fresh.

Don’t worry if they go beyond peak ripeness by a day or so. As we mentioned, placing them in the fridge will stunt their ripening, so you might be able to extend their longevity as long as you don’t let them sit for too long.

Whether you plan on making some tomato sandwiches or sauce, you might want to consider popping your fruit in the fridge first.

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