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Did BTS Just Breakup? 7 Nigerians Share How They Feel About It

The K-pop boy band BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, recently celebrated their ninth year of making music, with fans on a live dinner. At this virtual event, they announced they would take a break from the boy band to focus on solo projects. 

The news sent shock waves through the heart of their ever-loyal ARMY, and of course, we had to interview Nigerian ARMY to find out how they’re taking the news. Here’s what they had to say: 


Watching the live dinner at first, there was a problem with the English translation. It said they were going on a hiatus, so I freaked out. I’ve been through group hiatuses that led to disbandment before. I panicked for like 30 minutes, telling myself I couldn’t go through it again. 

Ever since I discovered BTS, I’ve never been without them. Even when they weren’t dropping albums, there was always some kind of content from them. They’d drop snippets on Twitter, pictures on IG, and they had a regular variety show, RUN BTS. A hiatus meant we wouldn’t be getting any content.

BTS is what’s keeping me sane in this country, so my sanity was hanging by a thread. But after the company released the speech on Weverse? I realised it was a mistranslation. They would just be working on solo projects from now on. 

I understand how it feels to want to explore new things. They’ve been making music together for nine-plus years. My boys deserve to try new things as individuals, and I know their friendship will be stronger because of this. I’ll miss them releasing group projects. But I know they still love us, themselves and making music. They’ll always be BTS. They’re just leaving the nest a little, to do something different. And I’m okay with that. All I want in this life is to see them in concert once, at least. 

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Jungkook’s girlfriend 

I cried when I first heard the news because they were crying during the live dinner. After watching it and reading the official statement, I cried again. It hit me that it wasn’t even because BTS wouldn’t release music together in a while — they have a comprehensive discography — but because they were scared to tell us they wanted to take a break to do things for themselves. 

It was devastating to hear at first, but they recently released an anthology album and some of their unreleased demos, which is a huge deal. I’ll just immerse myself in that until they come back. Plus, even though they won’t be releasing music as a group, they’ll do it individually, allowing me to experience each member outside BTS. They’ve had some solo projects during the nine years they’ve been together, but this will be different, and I’m looking forward to it. I have mixed feelings, but I’m mostly happy and excited about this new experience. 


I feel okay about it. BTS needs a break, and I can’t wait for their solo album. I think it’s great that they’re doing this because they’ve been releasing music consistently for years, not that I’m complaining. If you look at Blackpink now, they are musicians who do other things that interest them, like acting. So BTS should try different things too, and when they return, they’ll be stronger. I just want them to do solo projects and enjoy it. It would be great to see V act again because he did such an excellent job in Hwarang. I know some ARMY are unhappy about this, which is sad because they should be supporting them. 

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Honestly, I’m glad it’s not an actual hiatus and more like a break. BTS won’t release music as a group for a while, but they’ll have their solo projects and continue to appear as a group on their variety show, Run BTS. Knowing we’ll still have content makes me happy, tbh. 

In my K-pop group chat, twisting the boy’s words and claiming it was disbandment news. Those with sense know better than to make a fuss about this. I’ve been waiting for this. They’ve worked hard as a team because it was their only option. Now that they’ve achieved all their dreams as a group, they deserve to fulfil their individual dreams. 


I’m a relatively new fan of BTS. I’m still listening to many of their old songs, so sometimes, I wonder if I count as an ARMY. But watching the live dinner and listening to them cry as they talked about how they were scared to do this made me sad. It also made me realise I’d chosen the right group to stan because, look at them thinking of us first, instead of themselves. ARMY has been using the hashtag #BTSItsOkayToRest since the news came out, and I support it wholeheartedly.

I discovered BTS in the thick of the pandemic, and their music felt like a hug. Like an older brother patting your back all the time. So imagine listening to them talk about wanting to take a break in 2020 after the ON era. Still, they felt responsible for being there to help their ARMY heal during the pandemic. It had me in tears. We don’t deserve them. 

They just released an anthology album with more songs and demos, so we’ll be fed for a while. I’m excited to catch up on everything they’ve been doing and all the new projects they’ll release individually. Not to speak for such a vast fandom, but I’m pretty sure we aren’t going anywhere. We are here to stay. And like they said in Butter, “Got ARMY right behind us when we say so”. There’s no lie there, borahe

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Omo, I heard the news about the hiatus on Twitter because I didn’t watch the live dinner to the end — please, my attention span isn’t that good. I was confused because I didn’t know what to think. I saw lots of TikToks about how they would take a break to relax. It was giving vacation. Then, I heard they were taking a break as a group but will be releasing solo works and Run BTS. It made me sad to see some people react as if their careers have ended. 

This is why I can’t be a K-pop idol, me that I like to sleep. If I say I want to take a break and people start crying, I will just change it for them. This break is not a forever thing. They will return. They’re just tired, and rest is okay. I’d rather they took a proper break to rest for like two months because they deserve it. But I’m happy for them and excited for their solo projects sha. Meanwhile, I want ARMY to stop depending on them for now and rely on Jesus. Please, let them rest. 

Prodigal ARMY

I think the hiatus is necessary, but maybe because I’m a prodigal stan. After all, if it were Stray Kids or NCT, I would end up at the bridge. I watched the live video, and Namjoon clearly explained that it wouldn’t be time off from music, just time off as a group. I think it makes sense. Because while they all have a few solo works, they haven’t explored their individual colours enough. 

I think it’s important for people to know the artist Suga or Jin and not just their positions in the band. Just like Kai from EXO, whose identity was the hot dancer or second maknae kid. When Kai released his solo album, we finally got to see his view on art. He had so much to say, and it ended up being beautiful. 

I’m happy BTS will still feature in each other’s work at the end of the day. All I can do is look forward to J-Hope’s solo work and trust in leader RM’s words that they’ll be back together as the beloved BTS. 

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