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Elon Musk Gives New Update On Tesla Cybertruck: Here's When The Vehicle Is Now Expected

A recent interview between Tesla Inc TSLA CEO Elon Musk and the Tesla Owners Silicon Valley Club highlighted a look at the highly anticipated electric pickup truck from the company.

What Happened: When asked about an update on the Tesla Cybertruck, Musk shared, “Design is finally locked.” 

Musk added that the company got too carried away with features, which led to delays in finalizing the design of the vehicle and production.

The Tesla CEO noted that if the Cybertruck would have entered production last year, it wouldn’t have mattered as it would have been hurt by supply issues.

Musk said having the Cybertruck in production along with other vehicles would have been an example of “rob one pocket to pay the other.”

When asked for a guesstimate on when the Cybertruck will be in production, Musk offered the following: “Middle of next year.”

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Why It’s Important: An interview between Musk and the Tesla Owners Silicon Valley Club offered insights into Tesla and production, the early days of the company and got into personal topics such as space exploration, aliens, philosophy and retirement.

Musk has said previously that the Cybertruck will be the company’s best product ever.

The Tesla CEO also said last year that he feared the vehicle could flop due to the design being “so unlike anything else.”

The Cybertruck will compete with Ford Motor Company F and Rivian Automotive Inc RIVN, two companies that have delivered electric trucks to customers.

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