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8 Things You Need to Consider Before Crushing on Your Co-Worker

You’ve heard the term “work bestie”, and you want to take it a step further because nothing can stand in the way of your crushing — not even HR. 

There are some things to consider before potentially wasting your feelings though:

Do they have sense?

How can you start mentally planning your wedding colours only to find out that they think semo is elite? Or that they think agege bread is overrated? The horror.

Are they actually attractive or are you just bored at work?

Let’s face it — anyone that says “I think we should wrap up” during a three-hour-long Zoom meeting is bound to look like a genius. Do your due diligence.

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Do they use pointless office lingo?

What could possibly attract you to someone that uses jargon like “circle back” or “run up the flagpole”. What happened to normal English?

Can you fight?

You’ll likely not be the only person crushing on your crush. They might even have crushers outside work. We ask again, “can you fight?”

Do they hit “reply all” to every email?

Will you honestly be proud to associate yourself with the person that keeps every other recipient of one email in an endless loop of notifications? We think tf not.

Do they like Mondays?

We don’t need to tell you that they aren’t normal. It’s obvious. But if they like Wednesdays? Run o!

Do you really want to date someone where you work?

Let’s not even get into how messy it can get. Imagine getting into a fight and then having to sit with them at work for eight hours.

Will they get you in trouble?

Scenes where you’re trying to share your screen in a meeting and accidentally share your folder full of your crush’s pictures. LMAO

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