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BREAKING: Solana Ecosystem Hack Sees $5M Drained From Private Wallets…So Far

The Solana SOL/USD blockchain appears to be facing an ongoing exploit that has compromised users’ private wallets across the ecosystem.

What Happened: On Tuesday, market participants reported a “potentially massive” hack on Solana.

Users’ crypto assets were stolen from a large number of accounts and then transferred to this wallet address.

“The solution is to transfer assets into a wallet which has never exposed a private key to potentially vulnerable browser extensions,” wrote DeFi auditor “foobar” on Twitter.

For less experienced users, transferring assets from an SOL wallet to a reliable central exchange would also be an approachable strategy, he noted.

At the time of writing, the root cause of the exploit was unknown and the Solana team had not issued an update on social media.

On-chain data showed that over $5 million worth of user funds had been drained from private wallets so far with the list of victims exceeding 6,000.

Price Action: At press time, SOL was trading at $38.04, down 6.4% over 24 hours.

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