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How to Perfect Your Eye Service Game in a Nigerian Workplace

If you haven’t gotten the memo, typical Nigerian employers want you to actually die for their company. That’s the only way you can prove your commitment.

So, you should learn to give them what they want, even if it’s eye service. Start doing these things today.

Always look serious

Laughter is for the lazy and unproductive.

Schedule all your emails to send at 1 a.m.

How else would they know you’re putting in the work?

Copy all your superiors in every single email

And we mean ALL of them. Flood their inbox with your productivity.

Call them at 7 a.m. on weekends

Just so you can beg them to give you something to keep busy.

Reject salary increase

Do you want them to think you’re doing it for the money? Reject any offer to increase your salary and watch their respect for you increase.

Be the first to resume and the last to leave

And if you’re working remotely, make sure everyone on Slack or Teams know that you’re still online doing God-knows-what.

Spill your co-worker’s secrets

Tell your boss about Cynthia that spent two minutes extra at lunch. Will your coworkers hate you? Yes of course. But this isn’t about them. It’s about becoming your boss’ favourite.

Praise your boss on LinkedIn

This is the ultimate move. Make their head swell and you’ll be promoted to assistant CEO the next day, without a salary increase of course.

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