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How to Remove Channels From a Roku

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“Channels” are the apps that make up the majority of your Roku experience. There are some that come pre-installed and you can also install your own from the . Eventually, you may want to remove a few.

There are two places where you can uninstall channels and games—directly from the home screen and in the Channel Store. The home screen is the easiest method, but we’ll show you both.

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How to Remove Roku Channels from the Home Screen

First, use your remote to highlight the channel on the home screen you would like to remove. Click the options button on the remote. It looks like an asterisk.

A menu will appear with a number of options. Select “Remove Channel.”

Select "Remove Channel."

The next screen will ask you to confirm by selecting “Remove.”

Confirm by clicking "Remove."

After the removal process is complete, the channel will no longer appear on the home screen!

How to Remove Roku Channels With the Channel Store

You can also remove channels from their listing page in the Channel Store. First, navigate to “Streaming Channels” from the home screen sidebar.

Go to "Streaming Channels."

In the Channel Store, navigate to “Search Channels” and enter the name of the channel you’d like to remove.

Search for the channel to remove.

On the channel’s listing page, select “Remove Channel” and confirm your choice on the pop-up.

Select "Remove Channel."

That’s it! The channel will be removed from your device and the home screen. Both ways are effective, but the home screen method is a lot quicker. Channels are one of the main things that make Roku devices great, so make sure to keep them neat and tidy.

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