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Prime Video is now Nigeria! Here’s what You can expect from the Streaming Entertainment Company

With just one tweet, Prime Video reveals that it is now fully LIVE in Nigeria.

It’s no surprise that the tweet has created quite a stir online. Nigerians who have been eagerly anticipating Prime Video are buzzing with excitement and the tweet is currently trending. OBO (DavidO) has also jumped into the conversation to welcome Prime Video to Nigeria.

So, what does this Prime Video news mean for Nigerians?

For starters, in addition to having access to premium on-the-go content, you can now pay for monthly subscriptions with a naira card at N2,300 per month.

You also get to watch the latest of all your favorite international TV shows and films like The Boys, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and The Terminal List. There’s so much to enjoy, from specials to the largest library of Nollywood titles to select from, films, TV shows, and series.

With licensing agreements announced with leading Nigerian production studios such as Inkblot, Anthill, and Nemsia Films, you can expect to see the best from Nollywood.

Prime Video has officially landed, and we can’t wait to see what more it has in store for us.

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