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Samsung's Latest Earbuds Ask You to Correct Your Posture


Are you hunching over your phone like a creepy little goblin? Samsung’s latest earbuds, the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, could help you break that habit with “neck stretch reminders.” It’s a weird feature, but hey, anything’s better than neck or back pain.

The “neck stretch reminders” were discovered by @MilesAboveTech in Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 2 Pro settings. When this feature is enabled, Galaxy Buds 2 Pro will track your head movements and notify you if your head is bent downward for 10 minutes. (These earbuds include head tracking for 360-degree “spatial audio,” which emulates a real-world surround sound setup.)

And oddly enough, the earbud settings include instructions for stretching your neck. This is the kind of thing we’d expect to see in an Apple product (the Apple Watch reminds you to breathe), so we’re surprised to find it in Samsung’s earbuds.

But this feature is probably exclusive to Samsung smartphone users. The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro’s “spatial audio” feature only works on Samsung Galaxy devices, and @MilesAboveTech has only shared screenshots of “neck stretch reminders” on a Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Either way, we’re excited to see Samsung go the extra mile for such a niche, bizarre, and helpful feature. It’s clear that the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro are very unique, though it seems that only Samsung Galaxy smartphones can fully take advantage of these buds.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

Samsung’s new top-of-the-line true wireless earbuds support higher quality sound and active noise cancellation (ANC), but you only get all the features when using them with a Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet.

Source: @MilesAboveTech

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