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Are K9 Units The Solution To Preventing Cannabis Disease? See Why This Company Thinks So

Dr. William Schneider, Chief Scientific Officer of Bio Detection K9 (BDK9), explained the potential benefits of using K9 units to detect disease in cannabis plants at Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference recently. Just as K9 units are used to help detect disease in humans, BDK9 is seeking to revolutionize the cannabis industry by providing cheaper and more effective methods of detecting disease in cannabis crops. This Ohio-based company is currently working on launching pilot programs in Oregon where its dogs will help growers keep their crops healthy, specifically mother plants. 

Currently, the only way for growers to detect and prevent disease is by sending in plants to research facilities to test for diseases. The process is both lengthy and expensive. BDK9 is hopeful that K9 units will be the way of the future. 

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