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Delightful Offer: This German Company Sends At-Home Magic Truffles Therapy To US Patients

Numerous life sciences companies are now delivering medicines and treatment through at-home kits for patients with mental health conditions., a  German-based firm focused on developing “healthcare firsts,” is joining the trend by providing patients in the United States an opportunity to try the psilocybin telehealth treatment.

Both magic truffles and magic mushrooms contain the same psychedelic compound, psilocybin, which makes them suitable for microdosing and psychotherapy. Nonetheless, and likely due to the truffles’ development stage and consequent lower psilocybin concentration, they are said to produce a less intense, shorter journey compared to that of mushrooms. 

The company, which is also involved in the business of online prescriptions for medicinal cannabis, advises those interested in receiving the new treatment to book a telemedicine appointment with an experienced “psychedelic guide” through their site. 

Once approved, patients can order an at-home microdosing kit. The company also recommends that patients arrange virtual follow-up appointments to help optimize the treatment’s success rate and to monitor any side effects or risks that could arise by taking the substance.

For people willing to try but are unsure as to whether the psychedelic is a possible treatment option for them, proposes virtual Q&A sessions with experts who can further explain the conditions this therapy may help treat, including depression, addiction and obesity, while also promoting neuroplasticity.

“This is just the first step in bringing this type of mental health care to lawmakers and establishing formal legislation in the U.S.,said founder and CEO Dr. Can Ansay. “Awareness and acceptance are most important right now, and the team at is doing everything we can to bring this to the attention of policymakers.”

Photo by Nick Morales on Unsplash

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