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Framework Is About to Launch a Repairable Chromebook

Framework, Ryne Hager

Prepare yourself for a repairable and upgradable Chromebook. As spotted by @LinkofHyrule89, Framework accidentally listed a Chromebook Edition laptop on its website. The listing, which went live at around 1 AM ET on September 21st, has since disappeared.

Screenshots captured by @LinkofHyrule89 show that the Framework Laptop Chromebook Edition starts at $999. It looks very similar to the Framework Laptop, though it uses a Chrome OS keyboard layout. (These screenshots were verified by Ryne Hager of OSOM Privacy, who caught the accidental listing while it was live.)

Unfortunately, we don’t know any of the laptop’s specs. This laptop may use unique hardware, as Chrome OS is extremely lightweight when compared to Windows. But hey, maybe it uses the same hardware as the standard Framework Laptop—it would certainly make dual booting a more enjoyable experience.

We expect the Framework Laptop Chromebook Edition to be a hit among enthusiasts. Google recently announced that it won’t make another Pixelbook, and judging by the reaction on social media, power users are dying for a new high-end Chromebook.

And if we cross our fingers, the Framework Chromebook may find a home in schools. A laptop that’s easily repairable and upgradable could save schools thousands of dollars each year. They just need to make the initial investment, which may be a hurdle.

A launch date for the Framework Laptop Chromebook Edition is unknown. But this accidental listing came with a pre-order button. Presumably, pre-orders will open when Framework officially announces the Chromebook.

Source: LinkofHyrule89

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