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Last Call To Invest In This Early-Stage Company

Gryphon Online Safety Inc. was co-founded by John Wu and Arup Bhattacharya in January 2014. The founders of this firm are also the brains behind tech such as Mi-Fi mobile hotspots and the Apple iPod. The company is perceived as one of the fastest-growing startups in Southern California. With the aim to widen its horizons, the industry expanded to Canada with BestBuy Canada and Amazon Canada in October 2021.

Between the second quarter of 2018 and the first quarter of 2022, the company sold over 55,000 Gryphon systems. The firm has generated more than $9 million in revenue with over $1.7 million made from software services. The industry has also received recognition from firms like Tom’s Guide, PC Mag and Techaeris for its quality services.

Currently, Gryphon Online Safety is seeking to raise $3.5 million with a minimum goal of $25,000. The company recorded a 563% minimum goal raised by 187 investors. Having less than 14 days left, the investment portal is still open for more investors to flood in.

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Gryphon was created to make the internet a safe place for families and small businesses by creating an affordable and user-friendly platform that integrates network protection, machine learning and wireless connectivity. 

To ensure more security on the internet, Gryphon introduced MetaSafe, the world’s first mesh Wi-Fi that runs a Web 3.0 blockchain. With the help of MetaSafe, navigating through the internet becomes safer. 

MetaSafe is secured with the same technology that protects trillions of dollars of cryptocurrencies. Gryphon is a cloud-managed network protection service platform that is powerful yet very easy to use. The platform merges a high-performance mesh Wi-Fi system with cloud-based machine learning that improves protection.

Gryphon helps keep children safe from screen addiction and exposure to inappropriate content.

With Gryphon’s intelligent firewall feature, people and online businesses are safeguarded from space and data invasion, malware and digital threats on the internet.

Photo: Courtesy of Gryphon

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